Final Conference

Strategies for environmental volunteering

The LIFE VOLUNTEER ESCAPES project is one of four supported by the LIFE Program, across Europe, to test and assess the feasibility of using volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps to support nature and biodiversity conservation activities. It is a LIFE Preparatory project, which means that it is intended to generate information and knowledge that can be used, after its completion, for a wider application.

The LIFE VOLUNTEER ESCAPES, has now come to an end, with more than 200 volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps welcomed among the 9 partner associations of the project and more than 40 ha of restored habitats for nature conservation and biodiversity.

We will present the results of the project, testimonies from our volunteers and much more at the Final Conference of the project dedicated to “Strategies for environmental volunteering”.

NOTE: Free participation subject to registration until June 23′ 2021


June 25 – Lectures

Moderators: Ana Rita Ramos (first part) e Luísa (second part)

9:00   |   Reception of participants

9:30   |   Opening session
President of MONTIS

President of Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente

President of Lisbon Municipality

10:00   |   Programme LIFE in Portugal
Isabel Lico and Ana Margarida Santos – Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente

10:30   |   Environmental volunteering projects and dissemination challenges
Sofia Jervis – Associação Bioliving

11:00   |   coffeebreak

11:30   |   Environmental Volunteering experiences
Helena Ramos – Divisão de Gestão do Parque Florestal de Monsanto e Sensibilização Ambiental

Results and Project
Margarida Silva – MONTIS

12:30   |  Debate

13:10   |   Lunch

14:30   |   Testimonials about the involvement in the Project, gains and losses and work developed
Vila Pouca de Aguiar Municipality
Montemor-o-Novo Municipality
Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua

15:00   |   Companies testimonials about their project engagement gains
Rita Estácio from Regia Douro Park
Cynthia Malhadas from Spawnfoam
Diogo Nascimento from EDIA

15:30   |   Testimonials of LIFE VOLUNTEER ESCAPES Project volunteers
Adèle Pottier, Hélio Batista, Laure Disson and Beatriz Santanita

16:00   |   Debate

17:30   |   Closing session

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Free participation subject to registration until June 23′ 2021

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