Biodiversity monitoring, control of invasive species and support of natural regeneration

MONTIS is an environmental non-governmental organisation. Based in Vouzela, it was created in 2014. Its mission is to create biodiversity value, through the sustainable management of natural heritage in a way that is engaging, transparent, and open to all interested parties.

The activities of the association focus on the active management of properties that it either owns or looks after, which cover more than 178ha, the majority of which are located in the central region of Portugal (municipalities of Vouzela, São Pedro do Sul, Arouca and Pampilhosa da Serra).

  • Field work support in managed properties (including natural engineering solutions, controlling invasive species, restoration of riparian and forest habitats, planting and seeding of native species, conduct of natural regeneration, among others).
  • Office work (for example, communication, data base update, selection of measures, among others);

Depending on the volunteer interest and availability, the volunteering period can be from 2 to 6 months.

With the support of the LIFE Volunteer Escapes project, MONTIS will deploy volunteers registered on the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) platform:

  • Guidance by a specific supervisor, designated in the volunteering agreement;
  • Theoretical and practical instruction of the tasks to be performed;
  • Compulsory working accident insurance provided;
  • In terms of accommodation, the volunteer will stay in a shared lodgement with other ESC volunteers. However, sometimes, it may be necessary to stay in alternative housing or to camp;
  • Daily allowance of 15 EUR for food;
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses from place of residence to hosting organisation (away and return per volunteer per volunteering period), in accordance with the thresholds set by the ESC.