Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, I.P. (APA)

The mission of this public body is the integration of environmental policies in other policy areas. Along with a wide range of partners, it seeks to attain a high level of protection and promotion of the environment.

The objective of APA is to spread its actions to all the territory of Algarve (some of these activities already take place in some municipalities of Algarve). There is a particular focus on ERPVA (“Estrutura Regional de Promoção e Valorização Ambiental do Algarve”), in the framework of the “Voluntariado Ambiental para a Água” project.

  • Monitor the ecological quality of water through bio-indicators such as marine plants and marine macroinvertebrates;
  • Monitor the ecological quality of water of streams through bio-indicators such as benthic macroinvertebrates;
  • Control and removal of invasive species and promotion of native species;
  • Implementation of environmental educational activities;
  • Participation in activities to disseminate project information in schools and other informal settings;
  • Participating in events, meetings and fairs to disseminate information about project activities.

No volunteering offers available.

With the support of the LIFE Volunteer Escapes project, APA will deploy volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps (ESC):

  • Insurance: APA will provide insurance against work accidents throughout the volunteering period as legally required;
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses from place of residence to hosting organisation (away and return per volunteer per volunteering period), in accordance with the thresholds set by the ESC:
    • 10 to 99 km: up to 20 EUR;
    • 100 to 499 km: up to 180 EUR;
    • 500 to 1999 km: up to 275 EUR;
    • 2000 to 2999 km: up to 360 EUR.
  • Accommodation/sustenance: a daily allowance 20 EUR will be given to the volunteer. APA will assist volunteers in finding the best housing options.