Município de Torres Vedras

MTV promotes the sustainable development, territorial cohesion and the improvement of the population life quality

The municipal council of Torres Vedras is the executive body of the municipality of Torres Vedras (MTV). Its objective is the promotion of sustainable development, territorial cohesion, and improvement in the quality of life of its population.

The municipality will promote volunteering actions in municipal territories, Natura 2000 network areas, as well as municipal nurseries. The volunteers will complete their tasks as part of a team supported by a supervisor who will coordinate their activities which will take place during weekdays, occasionally taking place on weekends.

  • Restoration of riparian areas, with natural engineering techniques to improve the habitat conditions of an endemic species of fish (Ruivaco-do-Oeste – Achondrostoma occidentale);
  • Activities to support the functioning of municipal nurseries, namely promotion of native flora;
  • Restoration of Natura 2000 network areas through the removal of invasive species and the plantation of native species;
  • Collaboration in activities in environmental education related to nature and biodiversity conservation;
  • Planting and maintenance of native trees and shrubs typical of the forest habitats in municipal terrains, and the local protected landscape of Serras do Socorro e Archeira;
  • Identification of private property owners in areas of nature conservation value in which the municipality wishes to intervene;
  • Participation in dissemination activities related to the volunteering.

The volunteering period for offers will be from 2 to 6 months.

With the support of the LIFE Volunteer Escapes project, MTV will deploy volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps (ESC):

  • Insurance: MTV will provide insurance against work accidents throughout the volunteering period as legally required;
  • Accommodation/sustenance: a daily allowance 20 EUR will be given to the volunteer;
  • Travel costs related to the project activities will be incurred by the municipality.