Rotative Volunteering

The project LIFE VOLUNTEER ESCAPES (LIFE17 ESC/PT/003) also offers a joint-volunteering programme to the volunteers that want to enjoy the experience of nature conservation in more than one of the 9 partner associations in the project, 6 partner associations in the project for 2021.

You can chose more one of the 6 partner associations for 2021 in the project:

  • Plantar uma Árvore
  • Munícipio de Torres Vedras
  • PlaySolutions
  • APA ARH-Algarve

It is required a minimum of 2 months in each association chosen.

With the support of the LIFE Volunteer Escapes project, will be available to all volunteers registered on the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) platform:

  • Insurance: an accident insurance will be given to the volunteer during the whole volunteering period as legally required in each of the chosen partner associations;
  • Travels: reimbursement of travels for/from the project to residency by specific thresholds of the EC and the in between trip for the partner associations;
  • Accommodation and food: for each volunteering day the volunteer will receive up to 20€ to cover expenses with food and accommodation. Depending on the partner associations chosen the pocket money may vary.