Supports nature conservation actions and, among these, the maintenance of a nursery of native species

Under action A.5 of the project VOLUNTEER ESCAPES – Volunteer with European Solidarity Corps for Activities in Portugal, we are looking for volunteers to:

  • Support regular activities of a nursery of native plants, including carrying out activities with the general public;
  • Complete control and removal activities in respect of invasive species and the restoration of the locations in question through the plantation of native species. Furthermore, the recovery of water courses will also be completed through natural engineering techniques.

These activities take place in the headquarters and nursery of MARCA ADL, on the coasts of Castelo de Montemor-o-Novo, in the local eco-trail and locations encompassed in the Natura 2000 network (SIC Monfurado and SIC Cabrela). The tasks will also take place in schools and other informal settings to ensure the dissemination of project activities.

The volunteer will form part of a small team and will be in contact with other national and international volunteers. The activities run during week days, but may occasionally take place over the weekend.

  • Nursery work, maintenance, and promotion of native species activities;
  • Control of invasive species and plantation/restoration of intervened areas;
  • Recovery of protected areas through planting of native species and implementation of natural engineering techniques;
  • Environmental education activities;
  • Dissemination activities, such as in schools (for example, secondary schools in Montemor-o- Novo) and other informal settings;
  • Participation in events, meeting and fairs to disseminate information about MARCA ADL and the project.

With no offers available currently.

With the support of the LIFE Volunteer Escapes project, MARCA will deploy volunteers registered on the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) platform:

  • Insurance: MARCA will provide insurance against work accidents throughout the volunteering period as legally required;
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses from place of residence to hosting organisation (away and return per volunteer per volunteering period), in accordance with the thresholds set by the ESC:
    • 10 to 99 km: up to 20 EUR;
    • 100 to 499 km: up to 180 EUR;
    • 500 to 1999 km: up to 275 EUR;
    • 2000 to 2999 km: up to 360 EUR.
  • Accommodation/sustenance: a daily allowance 20 EUR (21 days per month) will be given to the volunteer;
  • Training will be provided on regarding the promotion of native species (nursery techniques, eradication of invasive species, implementation of natural engineering techniques, recovery of water courses, and possibly other areas;
  • Upon completion of the volunteering scheme, a certificate will be issued.