Testimony Mario Noguera

“I am very happy with my experience volunteering for such an excellent organisation. Plantar Uma Arvore has met my expectations and I am really grateful to their fantastic team for allowing me to experience the hard-work beauty of tree-planting. I was really in the zone on tree planting day and every hole I dug felt like a joyful, especial connection between my hands and the soil. I had planted quite a lot of trees in the past and to be able to plant almost every week has been a dream.
I must say that at first I struggled a bit with maintenance work, because it is harder to feel that rewarding experience that you get by planting when you do the opposite: uprooting invasive trees. Nevertheless, I tried to focus on the good I was doing to the soil and its acidity, the spontaneous natural regeneration and the existing native trees that tried to survive among the invasive ones. I takes some time to realize this, but I am happy to say that at the end of the experience I was more conscious of the importance of maintenance. I learned a lot and I am sure if it wasn’t for the exceptional pandemic situation we had to endure, I would have learned a lot more. I sincerely wish we can keep on working together in the future. Thank you”

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