Plantar uma Árvore – Vila Pouca de Aguiar

P1A is an association that develops a volunteer program for the restoration of ecologically degraded areas through the restoration of native forests involving the community

Vila Real, Serra do Alvão and Rede Natura 2000.

Mountain plateau dominated by a mosaic-like landscape of agricultural, grazing, and forest lands. High altitude arid landscape with vegetation used to hot summers and cold winters. The area contains small villages and hamlets. The area features environmental degradation. Forests have been reduced to hedges and bushes due to intensive grazing and logging, as well as the spread of invasive species. Most activities are carried out in private or public agroflorestal terrains.

  • Field work activities such as removal of invasive species, plantations, and promotion of native vegetation;
  • Natural engineering work along water lines;
  • Management of walking trails;
  • Raising awareness among tourists, small landowners, and local entities;
  • Coordination of field activities with other volunteers.

The volunteering offers are scheduled for at least 2 months.

There are no placements available until April 2021.

With the support of the LIFE Volunteer Escapes project, Plantar Uma Árvore will deploy volunteers registered on the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) platform:

  • Guidance by a specific supervisor, designated in the volunteering agreement;
  • Theoretical and practical instruction of the tasks to be performed;
  • Compulsory insurance provided;
  • In terms of accommodation and food allowance, the volunteer will receive up to 20 EUR per volunteering day, which should meet the basic needs of accommodation;
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses from place of residence to hosting organisation (away and return per volunteer per volunteering period), in accordance with the thresholds set by the ESC:
    • 10 to 99 km: up to 20 EUR;
    • 100 to 499 km: up to 180 EUR;
    • 500 to 1999 km: up to 275 EUR;
    • 2000 to 2999 km: up to 360 EUR.