Testimony Sonali Ghoorahoo

“Hello, my name is Sonali, I’m French and I’m 22 years old. I studied History and Political science at the University and after my final exam, I decided to take a gap year for travel and voluntary work in contact with nature. I joined the association Plantar Uma Árvore during the winter season from October to December, consequently, I had the opportunity to plant most of the time different types of trees such as oak, chestnut, Betula and my favorite one, the Holly tree. Planting was very rewarding, every time I planted a tree, I felt that I fulfill a good action by giving back to the earth. The volunteers and I also did several presentations to students in school and where we worked to bring awareness on nature conservation. During my stay in Afonsim, which is a small village up in the north of Portugal, I truly enjoyed the simple way of living in the countryside where I woke up every day surrounded by a beautiful landscape, I could admire the cows and sheep walking the road very often and the neighborhood is the best. But the most important thing that I will never forget is my relationship with the other volunteers, I never lived in a shared house with unknown people before, and at the end of my volunteering, I consider them as my family. I would also like to thanks Gil for being the funniest and passionate coordinator. This experience made me truly happy, I’m leaving Portugal filled with love and good memories. This adventure was worth it!”

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