Valentin Antonio Testimony

“Hi I’m Valentin from France. I spent two and half amazing months as a volunteer within the

Plantar uma Árvore team. I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to live and work in such a beautiful place. I was already familiar with some parts of Portugal but I was eager to discover this area and its fauna and flora. Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is unique and I felt that I was doing something significant to preserve its natural patrimony.
Maintenance and planting new trees were our two main tasks. Uprooting blackberry bushes and weeding acacias could be hard and repetitive sometimes but it was good to notice the impact of our work after cleaning the area! We knew that maintenance was crucial to protect natural regeneration and the trees we planted from invasive species. On the other hand, planting native species was very rewarding and I think that we all gave our best to provide the best growing conditions to each tree and shrub we planted.
I always tried to keep in mind how important are consistency, persistence and adaptability for nature conservation, so we can observe long-term effects.
Thank you to the other volunteers for the great time we spent together on and off the field.
Thank you to the locals for taking care of your natural inheritance during community initiatives.
Thank you to the Plantar Uma Arvore team for taking so much care of us during all our stay, keep going with this amazing project.
I hope I will be able to go back one day to see the evolution of this native forest that is growing and making roots thanks to your commitment”

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