Testemunho Alfiannisa Wikenza

“Hello, I am Alfiannisa, 26 years old, and originally from Indonesia. I have been residing in Germany for the last 7,5 years. Following the completion of my studies in Psychology, I have decided that I needed a change of environment. That was when I contacted Mariana to apply for a volunteer position. Despite having no sufficient outdoor experiences, my longing to be in the nature has proven me for it to be an adequate foundation to successfully complete and support the organization’s program and goal: nature conservation. During the 2,5 months stay in Sintra, I have learnt not just the technical parts of nature preservation, but also more self-acceptance and self-discovery through the interactions with the team and other volunteers from the local community. Also during these times, I have gained a few good friends, whom I am still in contact with. Therefore, I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in organization’s purpose of taking care of the earth.”



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