Testimony from Vanessa Indama

Hello! My name is Vanessa Indama, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Porto. Through the Plantar Uma Árvore Association, I was able to do volunteer work for two months in Serra do Alvão, in Vila Real. I started my volunteering during the plantation period, which allowed me to acquire new skills (like using a hoe for example) and learn a little more about nature and the native species of Portugal. I must admit that before participating in this project I knew almost nothing. I end this volunteering with new knowledge and with a greater appreciation for the trees and plants around me. Thanks to Plantar Uma Árvore I also had the opportunity to explore and learn a little more about my own country (we were 4 days in Buçaco, a week in Sintra and we strolled through Afonsim and Minheu whenever we could) as well as observing insects and spiders up close that I had never seen before. Unfortunately I never got to see a praying mantis, but I did see a stick bug in Sintra.

Another positive aspect of this whole experience was the contact I had with volunteers from other countries, with different cultures and mentalities. I loved all the moments that I spent with them all and I will always have with me the memories that we created together. And for that, I would like to thank you for accompanying me all this time.
I would also like to thank, in particular, Gil Matos (best coordinator ever) for making us feel comfortable, teaching us new things and trying to connect with us. They couldn’t have chosen a better person for this job. I take this opportunity and also thank Mrs. Isabel and Mr. José, our neighbors, I think I have never met such friendly and humble people.
That said, I thank the Association for the opportunity they gave me to participate in this incredible project!!

(Translated from the original Portuguese)

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